As a student many years ago, I wanted to make ART, and not shoot weddings. Now I appreciate weddings as much as anything I ever photograph. Here’s why: You and your beloved are in love. You’re preparing an ultimate experience, with your closest family and dearest friends. Together, you and your community will proclaim LOVE, and make a promise to grow together through the ages. It’s all-on, all-in profound, with everyone striving to be their best, in every way. ~ To be a part of that is humbling for me. It challenges me professionally (a wedding is hard work) and inspires me personally. I like to think that after a wedding, I’m a little more thoughtful as a husband and a father. Weddings have that power. They give us all perspective.

My style with weddings is largely documentary. I take a great many photos of the interactions of the people present, the smiles and hugs, the dance of joy, the good food and drink, and all the beauty of the place. To that we add your shot list — all the posed photos you think we might need, and plan accordingly. When the day comes I help your wedding to run smoothly by doing my part, while supporting you in having the best day of your life. A week later you have your hundreds of finished photos, perhaps even ART(!) And you love the photos that tell the story of your day and your love.


Said Andrew and Katie:

Marriage is stressful but wedding planning can be even more stressful! Finding a wedding photographer is a vital part of that special day so it’s important to not only find someone who is talented but also someone who brings out the best in you. Drew is one of those people. His approach to photography wasn’t just about taking pictures, it was about getting to know us and making sure he understood what it was that we wanted. Drew captured the spirit of that day and it shows in all the finished prints. The memories he captured are such beautiful reminders that we will have forever.


We were pleased to work with Drew. He was very easy to work with, gave 150% to the job, and the photos were beautiful!

Katie and Christopher:

Insofar as the photography at our wedding was concerned, Drew did all the work for us. All we had to do was answer a few questions. From that first meeting Drew understood what we wanted, from the logistics to the look. He told us when he’d contact us next, and then he did. He sent us a shot list based on what we said we wanted. And when the day came, he worked seamlessly, taking charge of our big messy families for the group shots, then capturing the magic of the ceremony and reception. His videographer partner also did beautiful work. We were blown away when we received our book and video.


“There’s just no way to tell people they are all walking around, shining, like the sun.” — Thomas Merton