The Whole Person Portrait™







The photo essay of you and those you love.

Picture YOU — with the people you care most about, doing what you love to do, in the place or places you love to do them.

You are a unique individual, so maybe we’ll start by making a studio portrait. You are also a son, or a daughter. You may be a sibling, a spouse, a parent. Do you make music, read at services, hike in the woods, or bake bread? Let’s take pictures of you doing those things. If you love to boat on the Mississippi, let’s go there. My idea is to get the big picture of you, doing the things that are important to you, with the people you love, in the places you cherish.

Consider the Whole Person Portrait taken of someone you love — your aging parent or parents, your retiring spouse, your graduating son or daughter. See this collection of photos as a photo book, a web page, framed images on the wall, digital files at your disposal.